Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Waiting is over.....

My 6 months back in the US and back to school are over. I now have a bachelors degree in Political Science from Saint Louis University.... wooot. You know what that means, it's time to adventuring and to use this mind that bubbles away in my skull. I plan to post here in over the next few months much more then I did during my stint in the midwest. The good news is I put together several polished non-fiction pieces during the 6 months I ignored this blog and will be posting them as I see fit.

I'm driving from Indiana to Florida on January 6th with my dad, two of my dads friends/handymen, and my dog in our Eurovan. The 18 hours in themselves should be an adventure. Then I'm flying to Abaco for the spring. I plan to stay their until the first week in April. I've set lots of goals for myself. I have this need to learn all the practical knowledge I missed while partying or being consumed by academia. To keep myself accountable and you informed my short term goals are.....

Become a much more comfortable free diver
Learn various times of fishing (spear, surf, bottom....) how to clean and prepare all types of fish
Learn how to operate and fix solar, wind, electrical systems, and water systems at CasaMar
Lean how to operate and fix typical electrical, water, and engine problems on Casique
Haul and anchor by myself
Plant and maintain a small garden
Free write everyday
Produce one new piece of non-fiction every week
Read every day
Learn ins and outs of outboard engine
Attempt to surf/ find a teacher

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Words of Zanmi B said...

excellent Amanda Mar

let me know about the surf teacher prospects ; )