Saturday, May 9, 2009

A long needed update

Hi everyone. I’ve neglected the blog sphere for too long now. My last month in Abaco was so beautiful I didn’t take the time to sit down and share it with you. The weather slowly became spring and the water temperature rose everyday. I spent more and more time in the water, at the beach, and going on adventures with new friends. I took little day adventures to some of the out islands. I gave in to the island life. Days moved slowly and melded into each other. A cycle broken into meals, adventures, time on the beach, and visits with new found friends. More time living alone at the house gave me freedom and perspective. Dad came back for the last 10 days of my trip, but we didn’t go sailing or on any adventures. He took too long to get back to the islands. Legistics of the real world can keep us from doing the things we love it seems.

My time ended with a final round of soul searching and a plane ticket to Charleston, SC for the summer. I’ve been here a week now getting adjusted and moving in with my long time friend Lauren Binard. My plan is to stay here until around August 1st. I’ll be attending a Sea School training in July and I got a job a Charleston City Marina working in the dock house. I start next Wednesday and am excited to be working on the water and in the boating community of Charleston. Taking it one step at a time as I search for what will make me happy in the next few years and how I’ll stay a float in this world with fewer safety nets. For now its one day at a time.

My Birthday is in a few weeks and I can’t believe how fast my 21st year went. It brought great changes. It included a summer in Indiana, a 21 hour semester, finding love in a community of 10 beautiful souls, graduating college, making the decision to plunge into Abaco and now Charleston. So here I go trying to stay a float and make the decisions that will eventually create a life. I by no means have all the answers. But I have a pen, a notebook, an incredibly supportive family, and friends to watch me rise and fall.

Amanda Mar
Charleston, SC

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