Friday, November 6, 2009

Florida Update

Hello beautiful babbling blogspher. I'm sitting on a sidewalk cafe in Vero Beach Florida. Sipping cappuccino as palm fronds blow in in the wind against an over cast sky. I've got three days off after a week of working on the boat. We will be leaving on Monday for a week in the Bahamas. The itch of uncertainty that followed me around like an unfriendly shadow for the past few months has vaporized. Afte r only 2 days actively job searching in Fort Lauderdale I was hired on a boat docked in South Beach for the winter. The crew and hours are both excellent. After so many unknowns I'm thriving from the routine and certainty of my work days. I'd like to say thank you to everyone who gave me so much support and encouragement during the last six weeks. It took a lot of courage and a little bit of pushing to come to South Florida in search of a yacht job. Constant affirmations from friends, family, professors, career counselors, and strangers gave me the confidence and faith in myself to plunge into this world. I did it! And that my friends feels damn good.

I'm taking the next few days to digest what has happened so fast and mentally prepare for 6 months in South Beach. I'm trying not to judge the glitz, excess, and wealth too quickly. Traveling has taught me you can find your niche no matter where in the world you find yourself. I'll give it time. I'm also finding that the yachties are an instant community along the docks. Free time and sunny days are an opportunity to learn from the cities diversity and characters. I'm hoping the next months will be filled with writing, learning, and new friends.

Alive and happy,
Amanda Mar
Vero Beach, FL

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