Saturday, February 20, 2010

South Beach Cynic : What is your obsession?

Is miami beach a cultural void? No, it would be ignorant to make this statement. But on the surface it sure feels like it. I saw a free standing bill board on Lincoln Mall today that asked, "What is your obsession?" inferring to what areas of the female, or male for that matter, body you'd like to laser hair remove. I once met someone from the area who routinely had his "back patch" laser removed on his lunch break. The ad was accompanied by a topless women with arms crossed and a bikini bottom. Her skin was olive oily and her eyes were heavy with makeup. It's not surprising that the citizens of this South Beach jungle have been pushed to this point of fine tuning. I sat on the beach silently observing the speedos and topless women all tanned and oiled like starving Thanksgiving turkeys. But it's hard for a bill board even to be affective or put the twinge of self doubt into the self conscious passer by. Everyone is so tuned in to their iphones and their over papered pint-sized puppies in strollers to be bothered with something as archaic as print behind glass. These people are among the wealthiest in the world, but where are their heads? Image obsessed and being trained into neuralgic hibernation by the latest application.

Sorry for the rant and I'm sure there are more to come,
Amanda Mar
Miami Beach

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