Tuesday, July 10, 2012

1 Month in Maine

Settled into Maine life

Hello blogosphere, it’s been long months of transition and adventures.   I’ve landed in Camden, Maine and have started an entirely new adventure - a life of consistency.   My trip to Southeast Asia made it clear that I was missing community, consistency, and meaningful work.   I set the intention during my last week in Thailand to make the move to Camden, Maine by summer 2012.  I could not anticipate then what the path to Maine would look like and how the months of transition would take their toll on my physical, mental, and emotional health.  First know that I am now settled, employed, experiencing nature, writing daily, surrounded by new friends, and happier then any other time in recent memory.  I am reaffirmed daily that this is exactly where I’m suppose to be.  

The planes from Bangkok sent me back to my aunt’s house in St. Petersburg Florida.  Again Gail and Pam offered me the solid confidence boosting support I needed and appreciate so much from them.   After a week of recovery I took a trip to South Florida for some yacht interviews, and as fate and connections happen spent 2 weeks freelancing on the boat I left before my Asia trip.  It was good to have some consistent work and cash in hand, but the job made it clear that I no longer wanted to work on yachts and I needed to continue to make every effort towards Maine.

But first my heart led me to Antigua for a week seeking out a summer love, but time and distance made it all go sour and I left slightly heart broken and at odds.  Bumped, but not broken I regrouped in St. Pete, shopped for a new smart wardrobe with Gail, and took a plane to Boston for the Northeast Sustainable Energy Associates annual conference.      A few days of intense learning, networking, and a fair amount of doubt ended on a bus to Camden.  I spent three beautifully healing weeks of self-discovery and networking at Meg’s house.   Her space and hospitality are an incredible gift given freely exactly when I need them.   By the end of my trip I was prepared to commit to an apartment and life in Maine beginning June 1st.  

I flew to Tampa on March 25 for a quick regroup before a mad rush around Ft. Lauderdale for interviews and errands that resulted in no job and a lot of brain damaging traffic.  In retrospect I can be so thankful that could be my last FLL shuffle.   On the 31st I flew to Abaco and spent a week with my Dad on Casique for his 65th Birthday.  It was a hard week as the demons of unemployment and the unknown sank in and the ghosts of the harbor and the loss of Casamar rumbled in my mind.   The Universe provided me once again.  My crew agent set me up with a job on Abaco freelancing aboard a 90 ft  motor yacht for three weeks.  Dad drove me to the boat and I feel into three weeks of solid work and scheming towards Maine.   

I set up three more weeks of work with the boat with three weeks off in between.  This meant flying to Florida, buying a car, and driving the 2500 miles to Maine by myself.   With research help from Dad I bought a reliable 2005 Subaru Forester to make the trek to Maine and keep me safe in my first snowy driving season this winter.   The drive was truly refreshing with lots of time to think and contemplate what comes next.   I was ready to do another week of full force networking and seeking out work in Maine.   I flew back to the Bahamas just before my birthday without a job.  Luckily I lined up enough yacht work to float me for a few months so I had some ammunition to battle all the doubt.  

The second trip on Triple Net was finished in a flash.   I continued to scheme and job search.   Again I was reaffirmed with the power of Craigslist.  I found, interviewed, and was offered the perfectly matched position in Camden, Maine from my stateroom in the Bahamas.  I’m not sure how any one found a job before the Internet era.

I flew back to Camden, Maine and started work as a program manager for Worden Associates, INC a week later.   I’m using my writing, research, communication, and organization skills everyday.  There is a lot of room to grow in this strategic planning and communication firm.  It feels like a total gift that I connected with my boss, who put in 25 years in D.C. before moving her family and business to Camden.   I’m completing meaningful work and got to skip the stress and expense of entry-level life in a major city.   Again, thank you universe and the power of intention.  

Today is my 1-month anniversary of living in Camden.   I find myself literally saying out load, “I am so happy” almost daily.   In every direction there is a new beautiful place to discover or rediscover in a different light.   I have a new love interest in my life who treats me daily to his open heart, thoughtfulness, and care.   I am meeting new and interesting young people carving out a life for themselves on this coast in so many different ways.  I am in love with Maine and can fell that life of simplicity, love, and meaningful experience I envisioned while traveling becoming reality.  

Here are two links to my facebook photo albums in transition and in Maine:

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