Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dinner Parties

I went to one dinner party and hosted another this week. Eating well and sipping wine with friends is definitely a beautiful part of European culture. The first party was at Ryans host families home. The dinner was cook yourself. They had two hotplate like things that sat on the table and you cooked a wide assortment of meats on the hotplate. Underneath the plate was a warmer where you got to melt French cheese and bacon to put on your baked potato. SO GOOD. Plus I tried horse meat for the first time, it tastes like an excellent cut of stake. We had great conversation and I hope all of us can get together again.

On Firday we hosted a dinner party at our flat. It was nice to open our home to new friends. We had munchies and omelets.

Me Playing hostess and picking out sweet music.
The dinner party gang
Stephanie and Garret My Brussels Family Me, Kathleen, Pryia, and Lauren

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