Friday, April 11, 2008


What can I say about Barcelona?

This city is good for your soul. For three days I wondered the streets, parks, harbors, and hills of Barcelona. Two friends met me on the fourth day and two more on the fifth. Beauty, every minute was filled with some kind of beauty. I even found beauty in my hostel bunk as I laid down for 5pm siestas. I got a needed dose of the sun. Had a relaxing three hour lunch on the beach. People watched on Easter Sunday as Spainish and tourists walked along the streets.Took my friends to Guell Par, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, for a day long picnic. I fell asleep in botanical gardens and city parks. I talked politics with rowdy Australians over breakfast. I danced with Swiss boys to throbbing house music until 5 in the morning. I made friends with Elizabeth, a funk artist from Norway. Watched tango and sipped sangria. I climbed hills and sat in taking in the Mediterranean. I sat on Las Ramblas sipping CafĂ© con leche. I ate tappas too beautiful to eat and drank ice cold beer. Was dorphed by the massive Olympic tourch. Sat in the middle square eating bre and bread. Watched 50 African men with everything they owned on their backs be round up by the police like sheep. I climbed around a castle. Put the sand between my toes and wrote for an hour. I explored Guadi and got lost in the twists and turns of his buildings. I dared walk North away from the tourists and was memorized by every little street and secret. Memorized by school children flooding into the streets eating sandwiches. Memorized by mopeds, gorgeous women with flowing hair, skateboarders, and street musicians. I enjoyed being alone and loved meeting new and random people. At times I thought my head would explode from so much beauty, but it survived and now returns to memories of Barcelona.

The beach, someone told be it's man made, but still made me feel whole.

One of the Gaudi houses down the street from my Hostle.
Napping in the sun in the massive city park

Dancing in the sun ( brought to you by my ipod, the greatest invention ever)

My house mates, Garreet, James, and I on top of Par Guell. You could see every part of the city from the top of this hill.
The enterance to Guell Parc

My first day in Barcelona, I fell in love with this spot.
A very impressive Olympic torch and some more views.

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