Friday, April 18, 2008


On Friday I flew to Sevillia and caught a train to Cordoba to visit Keziah, one of my closest friends form the Academy. She’s been living in Cordoba, Spain since last September. I experienced her life for three days. She lives close to the center of town and as you walk though the maze like streets you can feel Spain start to crawl on your skin. The yellow and white buildings, the palm trees, the smells, the shopkeepers outside their stalls, and the sun hitting your face at all the right moments. It was nice simply to enjoy being with Keziah and her friends for a few days. Most of the women she hangs out with are from Smith and Wellesley. It was empowering to hang out with a group of ten powerful, confident, and strong women. I rarely interact with women like her friends do. It was a nice change and I can understand her dynamic at Smith a little better. It also made me realize how much we’ve grown up and created our own paths since May of 2005. Living and growing into what we will become……

Cordoba itself has a lengthy history between Islam and Christian conquerors. The massive Mosque still exists in the middle of the city but odd Christian influences have changed it’s integrity. A giant cathedral was built flat in the middle of the arches and red and white simplicity of the Islamic place of worship. It made me realize that globalization is not a new phenomenon and we live with a legacy of clashing civilizations.

Over all Cordoba was relaxing and filled with cooking, sipping wine, clubbing, going to the market, eating, laughing, smiling, contemplating, and reconnecting with a friend I’ve been separated from for far too long.

We've grown up some, but still love to make ridiculous self portraits

Christopher Columbus asking the queen to explore what would later become the Americas.

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