Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Car free Sunday. Brilliant!

So last weekend was yet another random holiday. The Belgians truly know how to celebrate the good life and Spring. Friday night was spent at all the usal places down town. I’ll take the time to finally and conclusively name my favorite beer, Delirum Tremens. That’s right the 9% beverage of choice. Plus at Delirum (the bar with the most beers in the entire world) it’s the house drink and only 3 euros. Don’t think about how many dollars that is. After Dellirum there was some unsuccessful bar hopping that ended was it always should, Fritland! My official favorite fritery. If you are ever in Brussels go to Fritland (only after a few beers or your stomach can’t take it) and order the Special. Frits+Maynase+Ketchup+Grilled Onions = HEAVEN. Sitting in Grand Place taking in the buildings, eating frits, and reliving the last 4 months with the best people I could have asked for made for an excellent Friday night.

Me in Delirium with an (empty) Tremens Glass

Papas frits in Grand Place

Saturday evening was a massive free concert. The city set up a huge stage in the square outside the Palace of Justice. I met up with a group of friends and danced like mad to electronic piano bliss. Okay, he kind of sounded like Cold Play. That didn’t stop it from being awesome or me from rocking my face off. I had such a good time dancing. Every five minutes I would look around and realize that I’m standing in front of a massive palace in Belgium. Perfection. After the concert we did some more bar hoping and sipped beers until early morning at a indoor/outdoor cafĂ©.

Garret, Me, and Stephanie waiting for the concert to start

Freaking out during the 4th encore

Here is where Belgian brilliance for the weekend really kicks in. Sunday was officially Car-Free. From 7am-7pm no car are allowed on the streets downtown. Just buses and police. People ride their bikes and wonder through the streets undaunted by the normally whizzing traffic. The city also sponsors djs and music all day. We met a group around 3 to wonder and see what we could find. We eventually came upon a giant dj set up outside a palace (I forget which one). They laid grass over the cobblestone so you could sit down or dance barefoot. it was bout 75 degrees and we all danced and worshiped the sun to techno and cold beer. Around 6 we went back to my place to regroup and grab some food. Then we were off to what we thought was a Beetles cover band on the main stage. Unfortunately, the Beetles set was just ending. Next was an Abba tribute band….. I couldn’t take the sounds. We retreated back to the DJ and danced some more palace side. Basically it was the perfect weekend in the sun, in a city that has come to life. Finally.

No cars!
DJ Lady Jane
Elena and I chillin in the sun on fake/real grass
The Crazy (awesome) guys dancing next to us
Litwinka jamin to Lady Jane

More photos

Now it's exam and good bye Belgium time. A few more days and then Mom and I are off to Spain. I'll do a sappy good bye recap later. This post should just be a tribute to a beautiful weekend in the sun.

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