Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summer Recap, Where I've been

Hello Hello,

I kind of fell off the blog sphere for a few months. My last few weeks in Europe were packed with parties, good byes, and an adventures. My mom came at the end of school and we went to the South of Spain for a week. Beautiful. Spain makes it so easy to fall in love with her. The sun, colors, and life style are slow and accommodating. The beauty makes it easy to fall into the Mediterranean pace. I turned 21 in Spain and had the perfect birthday dinner with my mom in a restaurant right on the Mediterranean. A full moon welcomed in my twenty first year and created one of those ingrained memories that sticks with you.

Lauren came to Belgium for a few days before I left and went on a few little adventures to DeHann and Brugges. I wish we could have spent the whole summer together. Instead it was back to the U.S. and two months of working at the BBC serving beer and cheeseburgers. The work was hard, and you never feel like you get paid enough. But as always made me respect money and look forward to doing fulfilling work that pays me with results and progress instead of a few dollars on the table.

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