Thursday, August 7, 2008

Milwaukee, WI

Mom and a I took a little trip up to Milwaukee to visit Bubby on Sunday. Every time I visit Milwaukee I fall in love with it's midwest charm a little more. However, I have yet to be there in the depths of January so I'll have to see winter before I can truly understand it's charms and faults. Never less the urban center is clean with manicured green spaces along the lake and hip neighborhood bars and boutiques within walking distance from Bubby's 14th floor apartment looking over the lake. She lives in the perfect location to show off how beautiful the city is.

It was so good to see, learn, and get to know my Grandmother. The city and her endless stream of surprises makes me want to go back soon. Here are some pictures of mom, Bubby, and I (the 3 ring circus) doing a little urban GeoCaching and a few of the views from her place.
Me and Mom on Bubby's Balcony

Stalking the Cach

Found it!

Mom and Bubby with our treasure

Me and Bubby in our glamor glasses

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