Monday, January 19, 2009

First Abaco Update

I’m in Abaco- one week in. This is the first time I’ve had access to the internet so I thought I’d send out an update. The first week at CasaMar was spent deep cleaning. We ripped the shutters off and got the solar panels and inverter operational. We took the boat out of dry dock and sailed in from Greenturtle to Little Harbour. I’ve been scrubbing and painting in the master bedroom and bathroom getting it ready for renters in a few weeks. Mainly I’ve been watching and helping dad. There is lot to be done, but I understand that you can only attack one project at a time and spend energy wisely. I’ve transcribed a hand full of journal excepts from my first few days here.

Day 1
We finally mad it to LH after a long drive to Fort Lauderdale and a stop over in the sesepool of Southern Florida. One puddle jumper over the ocean and a ride in the pick up (which could now win first prize as the oldest rusty truck on the island). We finally made it home to CasaMar, ripped off some shutters and found some candles. I made dinner in the dark and we ate our first meal by candle light.

I woke up early and ready to bleach down the kitchen and unpack. I took a siesta and watch my dad and the Indiana boys put together the electrical system. Installing the inverter and putting our four new batteries into place, it all came together and started charging our battery bank from the rays of the sun. I spent the rest of the day in the garden weeding and contemplating how and what to grow in the sandy soil. Then I took a walk on Bookies, the beach close to my house (and my favorite spot in the world) where I sit writing this.

Listening to the waves for the first time in 17 months. Looking out at the sea ss the sun goes down. Watching run freely chasing sand pipers up the coast. I sit here knowing that living here will be working, but thinking that today was a good start.

Day 2 (AM)

A day without a clock and I’ve slowly ran out of time. I sleep and wake naturally. Drink a little , east well, exercise, and sleep soundly. I can’t help but feeling that I’ve lived inside for six months and now I’m finally free to run. Move my joints with a purpose and dive naked into the ocean whenever I feel like it. LIBERATION!

Day 3

Clean. I’ve scrubed every surface in the main bathroom. Bleached everything in our constant battle with mold and corrosion. I’ll need to do the same in every room in the house – mold and dust, paint and bleach.

Day 4

Green Turtle Cay. I woke up early to prep for the day ahead. Made breakfaste, and washed the kitchen, packed everything and drove the truck to the ferry dock outside of Treasure Cay. Took the ferry over the sound and spent most of the day sanding the dried barnacles away from the prop with a wire brush drill bit. Dad and the guys took apart and cleaned all of the through holes. I made dinner and now it’s early to bed in the yard.

Being on cacique in the yard makes me dizzy. I can almost close my eyes and imagine we are on the water. But I know we are blocked up ten feet from the concrete yard. The saying is more of a rumble and not the gentle glide of the bat at anchor. There is a halyard slapping which only brings anxiety. I’ll be happy to be in the water tomorrow. Hopefully this time tomorrow night we will be anchored safely in bakers bay and a half day sail from home. Where I can tackle more projects and start to carve some sort of life for myself here. For now it’s time to half sleep in the v-birth dry on land with a snoring dog at my feet.

Day 5
They put us in the water earlier then expected and we made the full sail into little harbour. The tide had us sailing triangles outside of the channel waiting for the tide to rise. Dad got anxious and we ended up sitting aground for an hour in the full moon low tide. We got into the harbour and tided to the dock half hour after dark and made our way to the pub for a well deserved drink. Sitting aground, especially when intential leaves everyone anxious to get off watching a spot waiting for us to float. I couldn’t take the anxiety and berried myself reading Island in the Sand down bellow until we got off. Good to be back in Little Harbour after a stint with the hillbilly partners in crime and my dad in the yard.

Day 6
Spent the day working in the master bedroom scrubbing the walls and painting the beams white to fight the mold.

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