Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Life is good

The Sun!!! The weather has been good for my soul and lets me fall back into my island lifestyle. I sat down yesturday and wrote seriously for the first time since I got here. The house and settling in is less chaotic now and I had the urge. Fingers to keys can be a form of liberation. I'll post a handfull of things in the next few days. The stars put on a show two nights ago and Dad and I looked up to breath in our new sense of reality. Being sourounded by nature and the sea brings an instantanous sense of perspective. Laying in the sand looking up at the stars I can feel the clouds of stress push away allowing the things that are most important to take their rightful place. A return to the micro- learning from people and daily experiences brings lesson after lesson.

I'll leave you with these jumbled thoughts for now. As always I'm still going through the motions with a racing mind until I can take the time to sort it all out. The harbour will undboutably bring that opportunity.

Little Harbour, Abaco Bahamas

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