Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Time to Blog

Where have a been these 7 month of silence? The answer - Miami FL, Little Harbour BH, Charleston SC, South West Harbor ME, Camden ME, Sag Harbor NY, West Palm Beach, Abaco, and currently in Manzanillo Mexico.

Yes that is a lot of ground to cover and recap. I have some excerpts and thoughts I plan to post in the next few weeks, as well as commitment to check in here more often. Again I have learned and experiences characters as varied as the landscapes where I find them. My mind is turning and my life is in motion. Time and a mental space to write has not been a priority but after 2 weeks on the beach in Mexico with family I have found some clarity to turn jumbled thoughts into sentences.

I will be returning to Florida on Friday to begin another season in South Beach. I returning to the land of excess and Botox with apprehension, but a plan of attack. I know I have changed and grown into myself since I left Florida six months ago and am trying to attack the beach and it’s people with an open mind. I know my time on land will be broken up with trips on Magic and weekends in Abaco to keep me sain. So I’d like to step back and look at the wacky and strange Miami dichotomy as a cultural and character study. Plus I plan to have a really good time in the process. I’m trying to wash away some of my cynical and judgmental tendencies toward all things, but especially Miami.

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Mike Ring said...

Glad to see you've found the time again. I enjoy reading your posts. Keep up the good work