Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hello again, Maine and you.

Hello long lost blogsphere. I’ve been traveling, thinking, learning, but sadly mostly working the last year. But I’m back with force! Full of thoughts and beginning to plan my next big adventure. It is a sunny Sunday in Southwest Harbor, Maine. I’ve found a bright coffee shop a bike ride away from the boat to take some time to collect myself before a 10 day trip of guest onboard Magic. I’ve got two guide books to Thailand, a copy of Writing Down the Bones, and my journal in front of me. Once again I find myself searching for reinvention and change. Luckily i’ve put myself in a beautiful place to ease into transition and travel. Three months in Maine is enough to but any restless mind at peace.

Let me describe my present before I reveal my schemes for the future. Southwest Harbor is a tiny community on the quiet side of Mount Dessert Island. Acadia National Park consumes most of the island. It is vacation land! Hiking, biking, sailing, kayaking, rock climbing, lobster, clams, mussels, produce, tennis, writing, sleeping, and socializing with a rotating cast of beautifully salty and eclectic characters. It is my second summer on the island, I instantly felt at ease and at home when we returned a few weeks ago.
So life is good, the weather is treating us once again and charming me into love with this place.

Magic sits at the end of the center walkway of Great Harbor Marina like a wealthy out of place giant among the immaculately maintain picnic boats, day sailors, and trawling retirees. Shinning blue hauled Hinckleys line the far side of the marina. Beyond Magic is a rock whose day marker houses a family of osprey. Then a mooring field and maze of bay and islands. Days on the water never feel the same, where every tack brings another angle and view of the mountains, homes, and inlets. Nights are spent on graying picnic tables marinated with lobster DNA and spilt beer. Gossip, bullshit, and the laughable camaraderie among people who know each other far too well. We wait for motivation to jump in a skiff, call a cab, swim, or skip rocks under the moon. This is simplicity and entertainment from environment alone. A life with fewer distractions to realize whats important and what comes next.

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