Thursday, October 27, 2011

Flood Thoughts

october 26, 2011
Day 26 of freedom, sabbatical, and voluntary unemployment. I'm currently in New Albany, IN after 3 weeks on the midcoast of Maine and a long weekend in Cincinnati, OH. Bangkok is flooding and on my mind as my trip approaches rapidly I'm trying to weigh my options. Do I fly into the city and try to stay for a few days and take ground transportation north like I planned. This is the denial option and is not viable. My airline may extend a waiver so I could postpone and reschedule my trip for free, but currently my travel dates are not included and the change would cost $250. The most promising option will put me through the most brutal travel day of my life. Fly to Bangkok including a 19 hour non-stop flight to Bangkok, a 6 hour layover in the Bangkok airport and a commuter flight to Karbi in the south to fall into a bed and decide which island will be the first on my hop.

I've been scheming this adventure for 2 years and planning it for 6 months. I am so ready to be there, but as with so many situations these days mother nature is saying no. My slight incontinent wakeup call could in another country could be death of a loved one from flooding, hurricane, or earthquake. I recently went to a lecture by the founder of who explained the direct connection between carbon impact and these widespread global flooding and warming. It's so obvious this is a result of human choices. For now I'm waiting to make a choice and start the next big step in my sabbatical.

Amanda mar

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