Monday, October 10, 2011

Pitcher Pond

My body is laid out on an old bath towel that has begun to fray at the edges. The planks of the dock make small imprints on my arms. It is October in Maine and the sun is giving me another weekend on another lake. I plunge into the water which pushes needle like spines into my exposed legs. I last for about ten seconds. Gasping for air I climb the ladder and seek refuge laughing on the same towel. It is fall and the lake will make a fool of my bikini, and baking here feels like I’m steeling something. I close my eyes to the beating sun and give my silent thanks. Thankful that I keep finding myself among friendly people in beautiful places. Thankful that I am young and mobile and able to absorb each day with fresh eye and held judgment. Thankful for companionship, books, and words flowing through my brain asking me to describe this place and share it with all those who aren’t experiencing this moment with me.

For those of you reading know that this Sunday I spent a day in the sun by a quiet little pond reading, writing, and thinking. Exercising the grand power of space, simplicity, and the power of an idol mind. I am 10 days off board and the transformations of my attitude and thoughts are enormous. Freedom found tastes so sweet. I will be in Maine between Portland and the Midcoast until October 21st then I’m off to Cincinnati and the midwest until the 29th. Then to St. Petersburg Florida before making my leap to Asia on November 2nd. I’ll try to share more of the little details that are making freedom so excellent here.

Amanda Mar
Camden, ME

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