Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Adventure planning

I've finalized my Spring Break plans and am so excited! I actually dreamt about Spain and Keziah last night. I'm ready to explore with friends and be on my own. Here's my trip itinerary

March 23-28 - Barcelona with Lauren, Ashley, Pryia, and James
March 28-31 - Cordoba with Keziah
April 1- 2 - Madrid exploring alone

I also found myself practicing Spanish in my dream, lets see if all those bogus Spanish classes I took in high school and college pay off enough to get me around.

In other news I am not motivated to do school work here, but I am surprisingly doing really well. I've realized that I have fully assimilated to living in Brussels. A friend from SLU came to see me last weekend and I had such a good time taking him out and showing off our city. I also feel completely comfortable on the street and metro. I've lost my blind mouse syndrome I had the first few weeks I was here.

The real world hit me a little yesterday and I spent a good part of the day on my laptop searching for summer jobs/ internships and thinking about what happens in December when I graduate. Grrrrrr, in time. Right now I'm enjoying the Belgian sun that keeps making unexpected visits.

I love you all,
Amanda Mar

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