Saturday, March 22, 2008

London: Day 3


I woke up Sunday to gray, rain, and wind. I’m so glad I decided to take the train Monday evening, I didn’t feel guilty about sleeping in and meeting my friend Simon for a late Brunch. I like traveling alone for this reason. You don’t feel responsible to see it all right now (if that makes sense). I met Simon last summer in the Bahamas during Regatta week, he took me to a beautiful brunch at a vary local place on the river. The pub was filled with young smart looking up and comings. I had delicious sea bass as I caught up with Simon. It was the day he left for his own grand adventure. Now he’s off for at least 6 months touring the Americas (top to bottom). Stating in Brazil and making it to Canada at some point. We are both so lucky to be able to see the world. Life is not meant to be spent in a hometown bubble.

After Simon dropped me off I chilled out with John and his housemates. Later the weather finally got better and John and I got some coffee to wake and warm us before we went on a long walk down the Thymes at night. The city seems to go on forever as you walk along the river. Plus it is manicured and lit beautifully. Probably one of the most romantic spots on the planet (grrrr where is my lover?). At least John is always good company and I was blown away by the Eye, and the lights, and Big Ben, and the hugeness of it all. The following are my feeble attempts to capture London at night with my poor photography skills.

The big dome is St. Paul's Cathedral
The eye is so impressive
This one's for you mom, smile


Big Ben
Westminster Abby

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