Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Weekend Update

I’ve been here 8 weeks and have 11 weeks to go. I’ve done so much, but sometimes it feels like I’ve only been here for days. The second half of my trip is going to be filled with traveling outside of Brussels as well as continuing the lifestyle that I enjoy so much here. I keep reminding myself to absorb each bit of it.

Okay time for a weekend recap with pictures. Midterms last week killed everyone’s mental state, but luckily Elena, Lauren, and I were invited to a excellent dinner party at Tom, Ryan, and Matt’s home stay. It was perfect really. Good food, good friends, good wine. We started with sangria and conversation, moved on to a well-prepared chicken, potatoes, and vegetables. I was impressed the boys pulled offs such a tasty meal. Then we had perfect little pastries from the corner bakery and Irish coffee. Everything was so beautiful and our light dinner conversation was exactly what I needed after the long week.

After dinner Elsa, one of the boys host Moms took us dancing at a local restaurant/disco. It was a totally different atmosphere from where we usually go out. The 6 of us had so much fun dancing with the locals and just being free and silly. It was above and beyond for Elsa to take us out and I really appreciated it.

On Saturday I woke up and took some time for myself, relaxed, and then went for a hike on the edge of the city for a few hours. It was good to exercise and get out of the city. I also found some unique graffiti in the park I was in. I’ve been to this park twice by myself, but need to introduce some of my friends to it.

On Sunday Elena Skyped me and we took a impromptu day trip to Ghent. We toured a midevil castle that was really well preserved. But each caption on the wall made it feel like every room was used for some different kind of torture. I tried not to think about the reality of the beautiful structure. It sits naturally in modern day Ghent even if there is a city built up around it. Then we got some lunch to escape the rain. We went into some more impressive and indescribable midevil churches. You would think I would be come numb to such structures because I go in so many of them. I’m not. Each time a whirlwin of thoughts and feelings still hit me.

THe Castle
Observing our courtly domain
Me as the executioner Off with Matt's head!
Smile in the Rain on top of the Castle
Now it’s Tuesday and I’m making final plans for London this weekend. I am SO excited for this trip. It’s going to be great to hang out with John and see one of the most well known cities in the world. Plus I’m meeting up with 3 friends that I know from totally different parts of my life. I will be good to get to know them I different atmosphere.

Sorry for the boring update post, but I haven’t done one in a while so I thought I’d share. Keep smiling, you all are in my thoughts.

Amanda Mar

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