Monday, February 9, 2009

Just and Update

Still in Abaco taking it one day at a time. Still continually surprised by the people living here and the peace that can be gained from silence. Starting to cringe a little and worry about what comes next. Applying for jobs and trying to visualize what my life will be, what I want it to be, and what is possible in the next year. At times I wish I were back at SLU with friends also going through this process. To share a bit of the anxiety as loan payments approach and health coverage dwindles. Luckily I’m staying busy and most of my time is spent breathing in fresh air and living out side. Things I knew I needed during those last months when I felt so claustrophobic in St. Louis.

Last week we had guests so the housework settled down. Dad is leaving for a few weeks so I’m setting up projects to do while he’s back in the states. I’m hoping to have some visitors soon to mix things up. But for now I’m happy to work, read, write, and occasionally jump into the icy water (I’m spoiled the water is only 70 degrees and I just have to find a little courage to jump in and face the wind when I get out).

The cold fronts that put temperatures all the way into the 40s a few nights last week seems to be breaking. Which is a good excuse to go out and play. If I dare I’ll take the not-so-reliable de-flatable dingy out to the bite. Not having a solid dingy is killing me, but all you can do is make due with what you have. I think CasaMar teaches me that everyday. Learning how to be inventive when money or distance perturbs the obvious solutions to all the daily problems that arise on boats and houses that live in the salt.

My lines of communication are still limited, and I haven’t found a private place where I can be online to make skype calls. But please keep sending me emails and facebook messages. It makes my day if/when I get online and there are little messages from friends and family around the world. I’m always craving to be more social then is possible in Little Harbour so it’s good to get some words over the internet. I love you and am safe and contented living simply and spending quality time with my own thoughts. I hope all of you can find a place or time to do the same.

Amanda Mar
Little Harbour, Abaco Bahamas

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