Saturday, July 30, 2011

Looking and learning

What am I looking for? I try not to ask myself this question too often. It is weighty right, and the real answer is as cliche as it comes. You don’t know until you find it. So maybe I should make a list of all the things I’ve found and loved in the last few years and use it as a guide for the next set of searching.

I found community in St. Louis in a tinny stained carpet apartment with 9 beautiful people I found and loved community, friendship, space, freedom, and solitude in Abaco. I found companionship at the right moment and let it fade when the moment passed. I found work on the water and a way to travel up the Eastern Seaboard and get payed for it. I found community, friendship, peace, and solitude in Maine. I found lobster, sailing, and the beauty of lakes. I discovered food. I found Chief Raffie (twice). I found comfort in my family. I found connection to my brother as he grows. I found time alone with my dad in Abaco. I found a sweet spot with my mom in the mangroves. I found Mexico and my grandfather and another beautiful community to grow in companionship and solitude. I found I am completely lucky and discovered mobility is wealth.

So what am I seeking? I am seeking myself and growth in a community of people unknown to me in a world not my own. I guess that is travel for me. Not just the surface and the sand between your toes. I am seeking recognition that humans are inevitably connected to place, but at the same time connected to each other in our need to learn and support each other. This connection is what allows us to slide into other worlds and find solidarity. Beyond the looking glass I am ready to walk, eat, and learn with you. I am here waiting with you.

I’m in my rack on magic in the middle of a trip. In the middle of a week of 16 hour days. But I am scheming, thinking, and looking for my next big adventure.

Southwest Harbor, ME

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