Thursday, August 18, 2011


It’s done! I’ve booked my ticket to Thailand for November 2, 2011. I’ve been daydreaming and scheming a sabbatical for about a year and now it’s really in motion! I’m headed to Asia with a loose plan. I’m hoping to rent a house for a two months once I find the right community. Who has some Thailand contacts? Please send them my way. I’m thinking about heading to the Northeast golf coast, but am very open for suggestions, stories, and warnings.

After two years on Magic I’m ready to own my time and travel on my own terms. But I am also looking for a space to stretch my leg. I’m ready to nest in to a rustic bungalow. Enjoy my privacy, write, spend days in silence, make new friends, dance the night away, be changed, and challenge myself. I’m looking at the trip as an extension of my education and a sabbatical for mind and body.

For now it’s a sunny day in Southwest Harbor, ME and I’m ready to jump into echo lake and let the gifts of summer give all they can. I have a mini adventure planned over Labor Day. I’m headed to San Francisco to drive with my Uncle Dennis, Brother, and cousin Madelyn to Yosemite National Park for three days of Bluegrass and nature in Yosemite National Park. Insanely fun! There will be laughing dancing, and cruising down the highway in a VW. Beautiful things ahead of me and all is good right now.

Southwest Harbor, ME

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