Thursday, January 31, 2008

American Efficiency Monger

About once an hour I am reminded that I’m an efficiency monger. I get irked so quickly when things are done slowly or backwards. It’s definitely a cultural difference. The Belgian people are laid back and never have a real sense of urgency. They went 193 days without a president or federal government last year. As I sit in class or wait in line I am aware of how much I value efficiency. In the islands I am extremely laid back, but in what I call ‘my real life’ I like to be in control and value expediency. I feel like I even walk and talk fast. I get anxious during long meals, and irritated at small things. I hope I’ll get over this. The realization is just a product of this little experimental semester abroad.

My life is starting to settle in here. For the most part my classes are going really well. I have a bit of routine and it’s pretty comfortable. I’m not as freaked about the school workload as when we got all the massive sylibi. Take one things at a time, and have a lot of fun in the process. I’m meeting great people and adore my housemates. I’m trying to come up with travel plans for the weekend. I think I’ll just go on a day trip within Belgium of the Netherlands.

Next Tuesday is Carnival is a huge carnival celebration in Binche. Everyone in the parade throws oranges into the crowed. The costumes and parade are suppose to be spectacular. I’m debating if I have the free will to skip free will class and go to the carnival. We’ll see.

Amanda Mar

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