Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I saw the sun

The sun came out today! For the second time in a week the sun peaked out and gave me a little relief from the gray today. On my way home from class I got of on the metro stop marked ‘park’ to enjoy it. I will say the Belgians could take a lesson from Olmstead when it comes to landscape architecture. The park is filled with odd trees, dirt paths, clogged fountains, odd statues, and graphite. People run awkwardly along the dirt paths, but they don’t run with the steadfast efficiency like they do in Forest Park. I sat on a bench and enjoyed the architecture and the passing people. Plus I think school had just been let out because the park and metro were filled with teenagers with book bags.

So there was some confusion with the class I took today, it was not at all what I expected or what the syllabus online described it as. However, it might be a blessing. It’s a class on the ‘problems of free will’. I dreaded this concept at the academy when it turned into ugly circles of discussion and argument in colloquia class. But in this atmosphere and with this energetic professor it might be worth the headache. She is teaching it as a cross-disciplined humanity coarse using literature, politics, nero-science, architecture, and art to explore the concept. I’m going to keep pushing SLU to count it as my 300 level philosophy core, but either way I am happy to take it. The first set of readings left me with questions and a lot of internalized thoughts. Plus it’s a capstone, and I’m up for the challenge.

Now I've just come home from a long talk and beer with Lauren, we always have so much to chat about. We had a long dinner with both of Kathleen's parents. They are so nice and helpful, but we both needed a little break from the house this evening. All is well. I’m starting to get a feel for what my classes will be like, but I’m ready to be introduced to three more of them including my political science courses.

Smiles, peace, and love,

Amanda Mar

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