Friday, January 25, 2008

Love on the Metro

This morning I had an 8:30 class so I road the metro with all the commuters at 8am. A I stood and clung to the metal poll I some how felt like I was surrounded with all this love. Normally, the morning commute is filled with groggy eyed people and students with ipods. But, this morning the car seemed to be filled with children and parents on their way to school. An African women sat surrounded by 5 beautiful children. The youngest one sat next to her kept his thumb in his mouth the whole time and seemed to nod in and out of sleep. One of her children sat on her lap and she whispered into his ear, what I hope were sweet nothings. Her love for all of them sat on her face with pride. When they reached their stop the only girl, who I think was about ten acted as a second mother and corralled everyone off the train. This routine must be so normal, but to me it felt extraordinary.

Next to me was a young father in blue jeans and two young boys. He positioned them to stand securely and the whole ride his attention stayed on them. Even as they asked what I assume are typical 5 year old questions to him in French, he appeared patient. At times he would look down at them and touch their small faces affectionately. The three of them made this little triangle, like a team. I don't know why their affection seemed odd. Maybe because it was a gender role reversal in my head. Maybe it would just be odd to see an American father commute with love, rather then as chore or responsibility. His face and posture seemed to say, it is a pleasure to send my little creations off to expand their minds.

There was another French speaking father and two small boys. Their bond seems so similar to that of the first trio. He carefully instructed them to hold on and stood over them with a watchful eye. The second father was older with one of those european twisted mustaches and wore a felt hat. But still there was no stress on his face. This ride was just a part of life, and his sons were simply a perfect piece of it.

In an odd way I felt like I was surrounded by love and youthful promise as I rode to V-Co.


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