Saturday, January 19, 2008

Feeling ALIVE

I’m feeling alive after my first big night out in Brussels. Yesterday I registered for classes and spent the rest of the afternoon wondering around the city heart with Ryan and Stephanie. Kathleen gave a us Belgian cheese for beginners for dinner. Cheese bread and wine. I should find out the names, but they were all delicious. I was also advised never to eat cheese or any other food in Holland. Also on of Kathleen’s good friends joined us for dinner. The conversation was a bit of a comparison between America and Europe on everything from gun control to healthcare. They cannot believe how much money we pay for healthcare and education. It is literally jaw dropping for them. I hope to learn more and more about both the Belgian education and healthcare systems while I’m here.

After dinner my house mates and I got dressed and met some other V-CO students in the center. Our location really is perfect and I am so happy to know I can simply walk home at the end of the night without navigating the seemingly complicated night bus system. We went to Delirium, which is the biggest tap room I have ever seen. The beer list in bottles and on draft is literally a 2 inch think binder. I stabbed in the dark to find tasty beers. We also met a student from Utah who was studying in Switzerland for the year and a local who spoke perfect American English. It was an excellent first night and now I’m thinking about what to see today. There is so much!

Smiles peace and love,
Amanda Mar

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Anonymous said...

Ask them what percent of their income goes towards taxes and federal programs. Lol! You know me, interested in the economics and the politics...hahah. I miss you already and Allyson moved in today (22nd). She seems very friendly and I think we will get along. Becca and I need a medium even though we love each other very much - you just left such a huge void back here! I am happy for you though and I hope you will get to like your "stereotypical American" friends. After all, ALL stereotypes have a certain basis of truth!!! :)
With all the love in the world,